What's Your Body Shape?

Let’s stop body-shaming and let’s start body-praising instead. A healthy lifestyle isn’t marked by a skinny body. Healthy lifestyles come in different shapes and sizes and that is what we must celebrate.

Alignment Is The New Hustle

Finding alignment for me therefore is about making time to reflect, rest and recuperate, always believing that in order to perform my duty well, I need to keep myself well first. Here’s how I find alignment in my daily hustle.

A Gift From Me To You

Taking a moment to focus on your breath for 1 minute allows your mind and body a chance to recalibrate and chill. This simple medicine is free of charge, it’s available to you 24/7 and you can use it as often as you like. A drug worth getting addicted to.

"Namaste Cows"

What a wonderful world we live in ,with all its beauty which is right on our doorstep; beauty that we rudely ignore because we are so consumed in the chaos of modern day living.

Just Say Thank You

Gratitude is about taking that pause before everything and being thankful. Thankful for your environment, for your meal, for the clothes on your body, for those around you who love you and for those who teach you through the negative and positive experiences.