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sometimes be happy, "just because."

sometimes be happy, "just because."


An 89 year old lady presented to me with a problem, “My hands are too soft, my knittinThis evening I heard my son giggling away on his own in his room. Has someone snuck into the house? Is he possessed? These were the random thoughts that entered my complex, overly-analytical adult mind.

I went over and asked him what was so funny. His reply, “nothing, I’m just laughing because I’m happy.”

“What are you happy about,” I asked. Without hesitation he replied, “nothing, I’m just happy.” He then said something so profound, “mummy, we don’t need a reason to be happy, I’m happy just because.” With that he went back to his colouring in.

My 5 year old is my guru and teaches me on a regular basis just how simple life is or needs to be. The beauty is that he doesn’t even realise how wise he is.

All kids are wise because they are born without preconceptions, without judgement and represent pure innocence and love until their conscious minds becomes activated by the environment and society surrounding them. Spending time with kids always puts things into perspective - for me anyway.

A kid’s mind is an endless world of imagination, creativity, fantasies where anything is possible. Somewhere along the way we block this and we mustn’t let that happen. We must find the child within us.

When you’re happy “just because...” that happiness literally cannot be taken away from you. When our joy becomes associated with things or people, it can easily be taken away.

I’m working on creating that consistently content space between my ears because I want to be happy, “just because,” a whole lot more.

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