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Doctor On-Call

Doctor On-Call


My dear patient, from the cradle to the grave, I’ll be by you. Your GP...

A common belief held is that only hospital doctors do on-calls and work in-humane hours and that opting to be a general practitioner (Family doctor) allows for an easier life. Well, let me tell you it is not an easier life. The hours are long, 12 hours most days, where we see ridiculously high numbers of patients and deal with everything and anything that comes our way. There is constant pressure accompanied with high levels of responsibility. It can be very stressful.

But, I wouldn’t do anything else in the world because I LOVE my job.

I get to know many of my patients from when they enter the world. I get to know their mothers and families and help them all stay well. I get to chat with patients from diverse backgrounds who have various health problems and health belief systems and I get to empower them to lead healthier lifestyles.

I also learn something new from my patients everyday. I get to form valuable relationships with most of them, all personal, all confidential and many that will be for life.

From newborns to the elderly, I get to learn about family dynamics and politics and also community news. As someone who is nosey, I love a bit of gossip which patients love to share.

As a GP, I am often the first point of call for my patients which is a real privilege. I get to work out the problems and ascertain the right management plan for them. The variability in presentations is exciting and keeps me on my toes.

We GPs save lives daily, we manage simple and complex diseases and we educate and promote wellness within our society.

Never a dull moment in primary care. I get to follow my patients through their life journeys and I feel honoured that they can turn to me when they are most vulnerable. They teach me about real superheroes because life is not easy for the majority and their resilience, determination and fight for survival is inspiring.

I worry about many patients long after hours and I spend many lunchtimes in the homes of my elderly or terminally unwell patients. I’m always there for them. I’m always on-call and I love it.

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