Health & Lifestyle Coaching

I am a GP, certified mindset coach and I also specialise in Lifestyle Medicine. I offer bespoke consultations, coaching and interventions to help you transform the areas of your life that are blocking optimal health, well-being and happiness.

Life is fast-paced and chronic stress, low mood and anxiety have become an almost thst accessory we carry around with us as a by-product of our hectic lifestyles. The way we choose to live today however has a direct impact on the types of diseases we will inevitably develop, later in life, if we don’t make a change now.

70% of chronic diseases I see as a GP are related to lifestyle habits ie. Sedentary behaviours, poor diets, sleep deprivation, stress, substance misuse etc. The thing that I love most is helping people unearth and understand the root cause of their area of weakness and coaching them into reversing this. Type 2 diabetes, for example, can be put into remission and even reversed.

I can help you transform your life by helping you understand and align your mind-body-connection via an evidence-based and holistic medical approach. How is it different to any other appointment? We have time, we have resources, we have space and we have each other, all in a conscious effort to make your life truly be about you.

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